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Litigation & other forces transforming both legal & non-legal counselling industry promise the emergence of new models that will allow clients to reap huge efficiencies, but at the expense of traditional firms that fail to adapt. In recognition, e-Court / PeaceKeeper has been at the forefront to reshape the future online of Conflict Resolution for many years by setting up online entities outlined below. It is foreseen that during the next 2/3 years e-Court / PeaceKeeper will be fuly operative in approx. # 45 countries around the world.

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Head Office : Ottawa, Canada

The 3-D Network Company - The Holding

This organization was incorporated in Canada on December 13th 1996 under number 3327205 with the charter to network (defined in the fullest meaning of the word i.e to include use of Internet ) between parties for common business & personal purposes e.g in areas such as employment, trade, legal, tourism and internet hosting. The company shares the vision of e-Court of a transparent, fast and affordable access to legal & non-legal services. The corporate 3-DNET (R) office is located in Ottawa, Ont. Canada, email:


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